Continue to strive with might to nurture and harness the valuable human resources for overall socio-economic and technological development of the nation.


To produce competent, skillful, socially-committed, knowledgeable and versatile professionals to meet the challenges of future society in the field of Architecture.

Architecture as a noble profession craves for creative, self-motivated, young, dynamic and dedicated Architects with a driving urge to shape a human environment for human living. Emerging economic development, inevitable industrial growth and bursting out urbanization have created an ever-increasing demand for talented architects and related professionals.

Prime College of Architecture and Planning provides the basic and necessary financial, technical and human resource infrastructure to develop the College as one of the most progressive centre of architecture learning.

Aiming at the over-all development of character and creativity among the students, the college prepares the students and graduates to face the challenges and complex tasks of shaping living environment for the future years and ages to come.

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